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Quality. Innovation. Creativity.

DALLAS, TX – These are the characteristics that drive POJJO to develop and deliver new products to the market. Where there is demand, we intend to provide the supply. With several years of research our team has patented and perfected a system of designs to store and manage bathroom appliances and their cords.

The need came about when one of our team members had their 8 month old child pull a flat iron cord causing it to tumble down and burn the childs leg. Further research showed that at least 7000 children a year are affected by this same problem. Research also showed that there was no asthetic solution to this problem. All appliance holders advertised neat and clean images...but had the cords photoshopped out of the image. We at POJJO saw a need.

We spoke with women to determine their requirements and men where we discovered tangled cords were often a source of contention in many relationships. Working with a team of engineers we developed over 6 separate models to accomidate the variety of bathrooms.

One of clients put it best:

"A man has a tool box for his tools...finally women have the same luxury!" - Christy Gullion

Thank you for exploring our products and we hope you get the opportunity to enjoy a new way of styling your hair.


Natalie Levi


Natalie Levi aims to solve problems with solutions that work and look good. With a diverse background in engineering, training, and artistic design, she brings a variety of elements to POJJO to help it become a standard for hair storage system in all homes and avenues that use hair tools.

Trent Humphries

Invester Relations

Trent Humphries oversees and manages growth expansion opportunities.

Wade Wallace

Master Craftsman

"Where there is a will, there is a Wade."- Wade turns conceptual ideas into realistic solutions.

Brad Cornett

Brand Executive Manager

Brad Cornett specializes in creating brand awareness and making POJJO a recognized name worldwide.

Benjamin Smith

Computer Engineer

Benjamin Smith oversees POJJO's IT development bringing the latest technology and video presentations to our audience.

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