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Episode DHMB-202H - Rockstar Bath Treatment

Michelle and Bryan's funky, rock 'n' roll style is no match to their plain, cookie-cutter bathroom! They've spent the last few years adding colorful, modern touches to their house, but are completely stumped when it comes to their boring master bath. Jeff Devlin will give the new space rockstar treatment with industrial metal panels in the shower, sparkly painted lips on the wall, modern floating vanities, a new decked out tub, and a custom backlit water feature!.

Michelle, like many women had her hair tools, headbands, and appliances all over the bathroom. Many people fail to realize how much wasting space and time you give up looking for what you need. To solve this problem, the team installs the Vanity Valet Extreme (VVE) to store hair appliances (like her blow dryer, flat iron, ,curling iron) and all her accessories in one location. With a solid side glide system, the VVE pulls in and out with ease. While this unit was installed with the cords away from, Michelle, we encourage people to do the opposite. The closer the cords are to you, the easier use of the system.

    Here is removal process:
  • Turn the knob
  • Release the cord
  • Access the tool

    To put back:
  • Return the tool
  • Wrap the cord
  • Lock cord inside wire grip

Never unwind, untangle, or unravel again. As soon as you have more than one tool, wire management becomes a serious issue. The knobs save you a step and help you keep organized. The reality is you only use one to two tools at a time, so why not keep the others out of the way and organized when you are focused on making yourself look beautiful!

Hot Tools provided their professional Nano Ceramic white line to empower the client with some of the best tools in the market. Another advantage of using salon grade blow dryers, flat irons, or curling irons, is that their cords are typically 8ft long versus the standard 3 ft consumer length. A longer cord gives you more range and freedom to style away. Paired with POJJO's wire management system, you can tidey up the cords by wrapping them around the quick release knobs. The beauty is that you will never need to unwrap the cords. A turn of a knob will release the cord.

POJJO encourages clients to install the VVE where the knobs are closest to the user. If the Extreme is installed for someone who is right handed, the unit will sit to their right. The knobs will face the user so they can access the cords with ease.

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