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  • I HATE MY BATH! - features the Exteme in a cozy bathroom that has all the amentities


    Episode 202: Rockstar Bath Treamement, creates highend funk featuring the Vanity Valet Exteme and every other ammenity you can imagine...

  • DIY Bath Crashers shows-off the Extreme (VVE)

    DIY Bath Crashers

    Episode BC505: Puzzle Wall - shows off the Extreme creating an organzied bathroom with attitude...

  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Showes of the Vanity Valet Boutique

    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

    Episode "Rhodes Family": Features a home made salon, which uses multiple Vanity Valet Boutiques, where everyone can treat themselves to the finest...

  • DIY Bath Crashers reveals POJJO's Secret (VVS)

    DIY Bath Crashers

    Episode BC706: Glass Box - reveals the Secret hidden inside the falst front of your bathroom cabinet.

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