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  1. Wire Management Kit

    Wire Management Kit


    Finally a solution that gets rid of tangled wires! Organize your wires by wrapping excess cord in a tidy and neat fashion. Quick release knobs allow you to remove all wrapped cord with one pull. Learn More
  2. VVS+ with Appliances

    Vanity Valet Secret+ (Plus)


    The NEW Vanity Valet Secret+ (VVS+) transforms your current bathroom cabinet into a salon efficient environment where you can easily store and access up to 4 electrical appliances clearing up your counters and hiding the mess. Patented Patent No.: 9,013,071, Patent No.: 9,402,472 Learn More
  3. Tubes with Wiremanagement using a power strip

    Premium Hair Tool Insert Tube - Wire Management Kit


    Ventilated seamless stainless steel tubes set (polished) to store hair appliances, along with a corresponding pair quick release knob systems to manage their respective cords. Patented 9,402,472 Learn More
  4. Ventilated Seemless Stainless Steel Tube Set

    Premium Stainless Steel Ventilated Capped Tube Set


    POJJO tubes and caps* are the best and safest in the market. Features: - Stainless steel (ideal metal for getting rid of heat) - Seamless (completely round rather than sauntered together) - Ventilated (allows for heat management and prevents tools from overheating) - Capped (prevents tools like flat irons from falling through) Patented 9,402,472 Learn More
  5. 90 Degree Hinge - Open

    90 Degree Hinge - pair


    Pair (Left side, Right side) Height: 3 5/8" Width (closed): 1 7/8" Width (extended): 5 1/2" Steel gauge: 2mm - very strong *Screws included Learn More
  6. Manage cords and tools within arms reach

    Vanity Valet Thurston


    The Vanity Valet Hydraulic System brings salon luxury to your home. With the slightest touch the system rises to your ideal location creating a convenient styling station. Patented 9,013,071 9,402,472 Learn More
  7. Vanity Valet Caddy - Out

    Vanity Valet Caddy


    The Vanity Valet Caddy (VVC) is a must have for anyone who has an upper cabinet in their bathroom. The system can easily be installed in existing cabinets or added to a new one. The solution makes life and daily preparation faster and fun. Enjoy elegance like a professional stylist. Patented 9,013,071 9,402,472 Learn More
  8. Vanity Valet Pullout - top view

    Vanity Valet Pullout


    The Vanity Valet Pullout provides convenient storage for all hair appliances along with storage for accessories. The design requires a 9" width opening and a minimum of 18" to allow for storage of your falt irons, curling irons, and blow dryer.

    Patented 9,013,071 9,402,472 Learn More
  9. Vanity Valet Boutique (Laminate) - Open

    Vanity Valet Boutique - Laminate


    The Vanity Valet Boutique (VVB) allows you to store and use up to 4 electrical appliances clearing up your counters. Patented 8,810,076 9,013,071 9,402,472 *** Appliances are NOT included Learn More
  10. Vanity Valet Extreme

    Vanity Valet Extreme


    Store all your hair tools and accessories in one location. The Vanity Valet Extreme allows you to enjoy the luxury of complete organization by creating a compact salon section in your bathroom to hold all related items in a single spot. Enjoy the luxury of a order and sanity. Patented 9,013,071 9,402,472 Learn More


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