Time to get rid of the mess? POJJO specializes in making creating hidden organizational solutions. Choose from a variety of options to create an organized environment.


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  1. 90 Degree Hinge - Open

    90 Degree Hinge - pair


    Pair (Left side, Right side) Height: 3 5/8" Width (closed): 1 7/8" Width (extended): 5 1/2" Steel gauge: 2mm - very strong *Screws included Learn More
  2. Ventilated Seemless Stainless Steel Tube Set

    Premium Stainless Steel Ventilated Capped Tube Set


    POJJO tubes and caps* are the best and safest in the market. Features: - Stainless steel (ideal metal for getting rid of heat) - Seamless (completely round rather than sauntered together) - Ventilated (allows for heat management and prevents tools from overheating) - Capped (prevents tools like flat irons from falling through) Patented 9,402,472 Learn More
  3. Tubes with Wiremanagement using a power strip

    Premium Hair Tool Insert Tube - Wire Management Kit


    Ventilated seamless stainless steel tubes set (polished) to store hair appliances, along with a corresponding pair quick release knob systems to manage their respective cords. Patented 9,402,472 Learn More
  4. Wire Management Kit

    Wire Management Kit


    Finally a solution that gets rid of tangled wires! Organize your wires by wrapping excess cord in a tidy and neat fashion. Quick release knobs allow you to remove all wrapped cord with one pull. Learn More


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