Premium Stainless Steel Ventilated Capped Tube Set

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POJJO tubes and caps* are the best and safest in the market.


- Stainless steel (ideal metal for getting rid of heat)
- Seamless (completely round rather than sauntered together)
- Ventilated (allows for heat management and prevents tools from overheating)
- Capped (prevents tools like flat irons from falling through)


Ventilated Seemless Stainless Steel Tube Set


Seamless, stainless steel ventilated tubes safely store your hot hair appliances. Set includes: 1 - 3" tube 2 - 2" tubes w/ cap (ideal for large barrel curling irons, flat irons, trimmers, etc) 1 - 1.5" tube w/ cap (ideal for small barrel curling irons, brushes, etc.)

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