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General Questions

What size tools can you store?
There is a 3" holder without a cap to store a blowdryer, two 2 1/2 inch ventilated tubes with caps for curling irons and flat irons, and finally a 1.5" ventilated tube with a cap for a smaller barrel curling iron or even a hair brush.
Why are the tubes ventilated?
We own the patent on ventilated tubes. The benefit is that your tools will last longer when heating or cooling down in a metal tube that offers ventilation. Salons do not even have this technology at this moment and constantly deal with flat irons that get extremely hot when heating up. When tools like the Chi Flat Iron cost over $100, it is worth making sure your valuable hair styling tools last.
What material are the tubes made of?
Our tubes are made of 304 Stainless Stee--a steel designed to handle heat and get rid of it fast. The stainless steel is hand polished to a chrome finish and will not rust. These tubes will last a life time.
Is it safe to cool down my curling iron or flat iron in the tubes?
Absolutely. The tubes provide a safe and snug area to keep a potentially dangerous tool from falling and burning someone who might accidently tug on a wire. Meanwhile the ventilation prevents the tool from overheating. We recommend you ensure the tubes do not touch any other surface than where it is mounted.
If my curling iron is less than the size of the tube will it fall through?
Aside from the 3" tube, all other tubes come with a ventilated cap. The caps fit snuggly on the tube but are removable. To tighten them you can push and twist. Again, our patented approach provides you the luxury of using tools you want, not necessary tools that will "fit" the system.
Can you heat up a flat iron in the tube, instead of the counter?
Yes. This is a much safer place to heat up a hot item given a tug will not cause the flat iron to crash to the floor and potential burn someone on its way down.
Can you leave the blowdryer or flat iron plugged in?
It is always recommended you unplug all appliances given electricity always transfers when an item is plugged in. At a minimum, never leave these items on and unsupervised and make sure you only plug bathroom appliances into a GFI certified plug. This will cause the plug to shutdown if there is a surge or short. Remember to ALWAYS turn off all appliances when they are not in use.
How do quick release knobs work?
A quick release knob is like the knob on a vacuum cleaner. You turn it and the entire wire is available. We provide 8 total quick release knobs to allow you to deside where you like releasing the best.
Do you have to wind the cord?
Yes. You still have to wind cord if you organization and want to heat and cool down your appliances in the same environment. If you have a cable mess, and you place a hot item near that cord, you run the risk of melting that cord and putting your environment in danger. The knobs are there for safety, design, and functionality. Most people wind their cords around the handle anyway. Here we provide a location for the wind that in the end prevents the cord from getting twisted and gives you safety.
Do you have to unwind the cord?
No. The quick release knob allows you to just turn the knob and gain immediate access to the entire cord.
Can this system work with an electrical setup?
Yes, assuming local electrical laws allow for your implementation. We however recommend you always unplug your tools when you are done using them.
Do you have to unwind the cord?
No. The quick release knob allows you to just turn the knob and gain immediate access to the entire cord.


Can you retro fit this model?
YES. Our models easily fit into existing cabinets that have a false panel. With the VVS, the size of the false panel will determine how many cords you can wrap on the panel board.
Does it fit in any bathroom vanity cabint?
Almost. The VVS requires a false panel cabinet. In the false panel world there are two types of cabinets: framed and frameless. A framed cabinet provides you a center bar to convert the false panel into a door. With the frameless or european style cabinet, you simply have to add that center beam yourself to give yourself a ledge to create a flip door.
How easy is it to remove a false panel?
There are no standards to a bathroom. You can only count on one guarantee…all cabinets measure 22" in depth. As for the false panel, they way they are mounted varies by brand, creation date, and whim. Some are glued, some used skrewed in wood blocks to hold it in, others are stappled, and still others use snaps. You will have to literally put your hand inside the cabinet and feel for the method used to hold the false panel on and work with that method to take off the panel.
What does a false panel look like once removed?
Most often false panels are secured on a vanity, and then the builder will paint the cabinet. Consequently the inside face of the false panel is often left unfinished. Part of the install of the VVS is to finish the inside of the false panel.
What is the false panel used for normally?
A false panel was designed to simply cover the plumbing and sink base in your bathroom cabinet.
Can I place a plug inside my cabinet?
Every state has different electrical code requirements. Please check with local laws before proceeding.


How easy is this model to install?
This model installs in less than 10 minutes. You are only required to mount the storage device using 3 screws.
Can the door swing open and damage the wall or hurt someone walking by?
No. We use a torque hinge which requires the user to apply pressure to open and close the door. Safety was a primary concern.


What size cabinet does the VVT fit inside?
The VVT fits inside a 24" cabinet. With european hinges, spacers are use to bring the hydraulics further in, giving the arms free range to rise and sink back into the cabinet.
Do you loose all space in a cabinet with this design?
No. The VVT occupies about 7 inches in the front portion of the cabinet. You may still place products behind the VVT, plus you free up the drawer that was used to store these items previously.
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