• Adding a Power Strip to your VVS

    Adding a Power Strip to your VVS

    The Vanity Valet Secret usually sits below the sink and makes use of unused space. Depending on your city, you may be allowed to put an outlet in that cabinet allowing you to attach a power strip to your...

  • How to Tighten Tubes

    How to Tighten Tubes

    POJJO tubes are unique in two ways: they are ventilated and they have caps so that tools do not fall through. The stainless steel cap wraps around the tube to create a snug fit. However, without additional...

  • Installing the VVB

    Installing the VVB

    The Vanity Valet Boutique (VVB) is an easy mount all in one hair tool storage system, which brings salon elegance to the home. Cords, power, and tools are kept neatly in tact off the counters and make...