How to Store your Hair Tools

Through the years, hairstyle have changed and found their way back to the new generations. But with each cycle, a slight difference presents itself: the resurrection of the bump, brought a new alternative. Instead of achieving height from sever teasing and damaging hair, a bump insert is placed on the head underneath the hair to create an illusionary lift. The 1970’s hippy straight hair look found its way back via the flat iron. As apposed to using a clothing irons, woman now have a hair tool that creates a slick design and is much more practical.

New hair tools are at the forefront of change. They provide hairstylists faster solutions and they provide hair healthier results. The even give the average user the ability to create salon results at home.

With advancements in curling irons, flat irons, and even blow dryers, consumers have demanded the same quality as professionals. Consequently we’ve seen professional lines cross-over to the consumer market. Professional tools, like the curling iron and flat iron, provide the highest and often regulated heat levels. Construction is often more advanced with good quality ceramic plates which perform better than lower end products at high heat. The shift to professional tools also increase the cord size the consumer gets to use. While an average user does not need to walk around a styling chair to style someone’s hair, they now get to step away from the one outlet that often traps you artistic freedom. Consumer hair product length is between 3-4 ft. Professional tools are on average 8 feet long. Besides the increased benefits, the average consumer has also become accustom to spending more for their quality products. They shifted from a $20 average curling iron or flat iron, to one that can cost as much as $120. “You get what you pay for” is alive and well in the hair tool industry.

So here lies the problem. Most women between the age of 12-55 own at least three hair tool: a blow dryer, a flat iron, and a curling iron. Of that audience 75% own at least two curling irons granting a large population with at least 4 hair tools. If they are professional styling tools, you are looking at 32ft of cord sitting on a bathroom counter, bathroom floor, or shoved and tangled in a drawer.

To manage this mess, you would imagine there would be a standard hair tool holder to provide bathroom tool storage and organization. Instead, there are many options that fail in one way or another. The first problem is Photoshop wires. They magically disappear in ads. The holder looks great when you make the purchase, but then when it comes time to use it, you have a wire jungle growing in your bathroom.

Besides the cord management, the other consideration is the quality of the tube holding your expensive and very hot tools. Most all tubes in the market except for those provided by POJJO are made of steel with a chrome or unique finish. The problem with standard metal is that it absorbs and transfers and conducts heat. From a safety perspective this isn’t presents safety concerns for the person who may leave a tool on by accident. Certain stainless steel, on the other hand, is designed to expound heat. While it still gets hot, stainless steel tubes gets rid of rather than retain the heat.

To determine if you have metal or stainless steel, place a magnet and see if there is an attraction. Metal and magnets attract…stainless steel has no impact on the magnet.

A second precautionary action POJJO took with their tubes is adding ventilation. Tubes used for flat irons and curling irons have continuous holes on the side walls to help heat escape. POJJO’s patent pending solution focuses on safety and functionality. Unlike all other tubes on the market, these tubes have caps. The caps secure to the base and prevent tools, like the flat iron from falling through. Brilliant, basic, and necessary.

When shopping for the ideal solution for your bathroom hair tool needs, consider safety, quality, and visual appeal.


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