Installing the VVB

The Vanity Valet Boutique (VVB) is an easy mount all in one hair tool storage system, which brings salon elegance to the home. Cords, power, and tools are kept neatly in tact off the counters and make styling your hair easy and convenient.

Installing the VVB is easy. When you open the unit there are three holes in the back used to mount to a wall. The screws you should use, will depend on the wall. If you are installing into drywall, use 75lb drywall screws or butterfly screws. Povapesoufork . If you are installing into studs or wood, use long wood screws.

Step 1: Remove all the tubes









Step 2: Unscrew and remove the wire bar

removeBarScrew      removeBar
Step 3: Take guide (.pdf) and mark holes onto mounting surface (use leveler to ensure it is straight)

hint – determine if you are hitting a stud or not to use the appropriate screws.

equalizer      template
Step 4: Insert anchors/screws where marked


Step 5: Screw unit into place


And there you have it! You have installed your Vanity Valet Boutique.

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