1. June 06, 2011

    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition shows off the Vanity Valet Boutique (ABC - Series Finale)

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  2. May 07, 2011

    DIY Bath Crashers: Episode BC505 Puzzle Wall (HGTV)

    As Featured On: Season 5: Episode BC505 - The Puzzle…
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  3. April 04, 2011

    POJJO at the Houston Home Show

    First it was Dallas, and not its Houston. POJJO is touring Texas to show the people there is a new way to store and organize your hair tools. There is no longer a need to leave you blow dryer on the counter or…
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  4. April 01, 2011

    Living - April 2011

    Living - April 2011" title="Home and Garden edition shows a new option for bathroom organization...
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  5. March 16, 2011

    POJJO at The Great Big Texas Home Show

    Everything is bigger in Texas and that is why POJJO will be there to showcase the demand for styling stations in the home for women. POJJO is carving a new niche. While women have had tools for their hair, it was…
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  6. February 23, 2011

    POJJO Introduces the Vanity Valet Caddy

    Introducing the the Vanity Valet Caddy for Upper Wall and Linen Cabinets A blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron holder that installs in 10…
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  7. February 18, 2011

    Stonebriar Country Club Adds Elegance to their Lady's Locker Rooms

    Stonebriar Country Club Adds Elegance to their Lady's Locker Rooms Dallas, TX, February 18, 2011 -- No longer will you find…
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  8. January 03, 2011

    Home Fashion Forecast - January 2011

    Looking to the new year, designers begin to look to POJJO...
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  9. December 06, 2010

    Kitchen & Bath Design News - December 2010

    The Vanity Valet ranks as one of the Top 10 Most talked about products of 2010... …
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  10. June 04, 2010

    Kitchen & Bath Design News - June 2010

    Mix elegance and luxury to create an organizational heaven...
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