Everything is bigger in Texas and that is why POJJO will be there to showcase the demand for styling stations in the home for women. POJJO is carving a new niche. While women have had tools for their hair, it was always the salons who were expected to be organized. Little attention was given to the tools that sit on the counter or in the sink. Lets be honest, women are responsible to make sure a household is moving smoothly -- she is her last concern. 

With time becoming the ultimate commodity POJJO realized a woman could actually gain more time by gaining sanity. Often sanity is sought in the bathroom since that is the one place of total privacy, even when toddlers are chasing Mom around with demands. POJJO realized that if they could take the one safe zone for women and make it welcoming, not only would the excape provide rejuvination, but it would also start a womans day off on the right foot.

Ironically, the owner has found men to be the prime audience. They want to please their ladies and they want the sink back. The show should be amazing and POJJO is excited to make their products the one that is remembered.