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Episode 906 - The Rhodes Family

Ty and the team head to Ohio to help build a home for the tight-knit family of a woman with a brain tumor. Her dream is to have a bathroom that allows her to style her daughters hair as if they were in a salon. The designers work with colors and space to create an environment that makes any woman want to perfect her outer beauty.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, requested multiple Vanity Valet Boutiques (VVB) with a painted gloss black finish to enhance the pink, black, and white motif. In addition it allowed up to 4 hair tools to sit in an organized and compact space. Partnered with Hot Tools, the Pink Titanium collection not only provides users with professional quality curling irons, flat irons, and a blow dryer that dries 40% faster...but it helped create a beautiful look of pink against the black. Seeing handles isn't an issue when they become part of the decor.

POJJO encourages all clients to mount the VVB model to the wall for practical and ergonomical use. While you never have to unwind cords, its important to make access to the cords easy so winding them is easy and fast.