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Season 5: Episode BC505 - The Puzzle Wall

Rustic Renovation, with a modern twist, is the focus of this episode. Bath Crashers turns the big, boring and cold space they have into a rustic room with a modern-day twist. Living in a heavily wooded area helps set the theme for the new look. In the center of the room is one of two vanities, which sits in front of a stunning floor to ceiling reclaimed wood wall that looks like an elaborate puzzle. This wall also separates the space behind it, a massive walk-in shower with acrylic waterproof panels. The sides of this space contain a "hers" make-up station which sits next to a wall-mounted fireplace adorned with copper panels, and a tub for the ultimate relaxation this couple will need in their "woodland" escape.

Using an 21" wide drawer, (minimum requirement is 15") the client requested the Vanity Valet Extreme (VVE) to store all their hair appliances in one location. The unit allowed them to fit their blowdryer, flat iron, curling iron, and hair sprays, brushes, difuses, etc. in one location. The VVE is a one stop salon shop. Again, Hot Tools provided their professional Nano Ceramic white line to empower the client with some of the best tools in the market. Another advantage of using salon grade blow dryers, flat irons, or curling irons, is that their cords are typically 8ft long versus the standard 3 ft consumer length. A longer cord gives you more range and freedom to style away. Paired with POJJO's wire management system, you can tidey up the cords by wrapping them around the quick release knobs. The beauty is that you will never need to unwrap the cords. A turn of a knob will release the cord.

POJJO encourages clients to install the VVE where the knobs are closest to the user. If the Extreme is installed for someone who is right handed, the unit will sit to their right. The knobs will face the user so they can access the cords with ease.

DIY's Bath Crashers Installs the Vanity Valet Extreme to Create Cozy Luxury

Matt installs the Vanity Valet Extreme in a lower cabinet which allows the owner to safely put away their flat irons and curling irons while they are hot.

Dallas, TX, May 07, 2012 --( Who would imagine putting a fire place in a bathroom? Matt Muenster of DIY's Bath Crashers did in episode BC505. Aiming to create a feeling of warm comfort for a home located in the thick of winter, the Bath Crasher team designed a bathroom that screams relaxation.

Besides the elegant walling, and fancy sinks, a bathroom will only maintain its air of relaxation if it can be kept in photographic state. So the challenge with many remodeling projects is not only to make the environment look good. But to make the look and feel sustainable. The DIY team know this fact and install hidden organizational solutions to make maintaining a picture perfect environment practical and functional.

Often the biggest organizational problem in the bathroom is storage and use of women hair tools. Besides needing to store them without creating tangles, flat irons and curling irons get VERY hot. So where can someone put these items during cool down without creating a wire mess in the bathroom? Easy: The Vanity Valet Extreme (VVE). Matt installs the VVE in a lower cabinet which has capped ventilated stainless steel tubes within the system. The Extreme is designed to allow users to put away their tools while they are hot. Wires are kept organized with quick release knobs, hot tools are kept in a metal that exudes heat rather than creating a furnace, and the system is designed with ventilation. Tidying turns into a one step process which allows the bathroom to maintain its fabulous look all the time.

Bath Crashers creates sustainable coziness...a goal every bathroom remodeler should achieve.

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