Vanity Valet Caddy

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The Vanity Valet Caddy (VVC) is a must have for anyone who has an upper cabinet in their bathroom. Made of solid maple, the system can easily be installed in existing cabinets or added to a new one. The solution makes life and daily preparation faster and fun. Enjoy elegance like a professional stylist. Patented 9,013,071 9,402,472

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The Vanity Valet Caddy (VVC) maximizes space and organization by providing you a salon solution in your upper cabinet. Experience convenience and efficiency like never before...and indirectly buy time. With all appliances ready for immediate use, you now have time to focus on other important issues. Say good bye to tangles and say good bye to trying to find the right tool. Say hello to the Vanity Valet Caddy. Key Points:

  • Installation takes about 10 minutes.
  • Simply screw base into the bottom of your cabinet and snap the Caddy into place.
  • Designed to fit in upper cabients 12" or greater in depth.

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